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Broadband, home office, garden: House buyers quit cities for home towns as remote working trend continuesworkig

House hunters are returning to their native counties as they turn their backs on city living and take advantage of remote working.

ew housing data show prices in the country’s regional towns have risen by almost 1pc in 12 weeks to €163,345, compared to less than 0.5pc experienced in bigger population centres. The average time to sell a property has fallen 30pc.

The trend confirms a change in buyer priorities for home-buying as the Covid pandemic has demonstrated that working from home is a viable option for tens of thousands of people.

The Irish Independent/ Real Estate Alliance (REA) Average House Price Index also shows that, nationwide, property prices continue to hold up.

The sale value of a three-bedroomed semi-detached house across the country has risen slightly – up by 0.6pc on average over the past three months to €236,046, a rise of 0.4pc compared to a year ago.


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