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Yorkshire garden centre installs face mask detection cameras to alert customers not complying with rules

A West Yorkshire garden centre has installed cameras to detect if customers are wearing face masks.

Monday, 28th September 2020, 7:06 pm

Whiteley’s – in Mirfield, West Yorkshire – has invested in market-leading face-covering detection technology to protect its employees and customers following the Government’s announcement of increased restrictions on face coverings in shops – with customers facing increased fines if they do not comply.

Upon arrival, Whiteley’s customers are greeted by an interactive screen displaying customised messages depending on whether they are wearing a face covering or not.

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The screen is connected to a camera system at the entrance that is taught to identify whether a person in a specific area is wearing a cover over their mouth and nose.

An award-winning garden centre in the heart of Yorkshire, Whiteleys, has invested in market-leading face-covering
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