AbrahamStrollingTrust me – if you made it to this site? You have the time.

Thirteen minutes isn’t a lot to ask for one of the most condensed, coordinated, eye-opening descriptions of male feminism I’ve ever run across. Abraham Popoola is a storyteller. It’s how he bills himself and it’s a title he definitely deserves, as you’ll see. His own story includes his struggles with patriarchal privilege, and he’s not ashamed to say so, nor should any of us be.

“One of the reasons why men are so defensive about feminism is because to truly understand feminism, you have to truly understand yourself. When a modern-day patriarchal man is faced with himself, it’s truly a sight to see. I can say that from experience. It was shocking to see that that’s what I was like, and that’s what I would do, not realizing the reasons why I was doing it, but it was also a really liberating feeling, like ‘Now that I can see it, I don’t have to be like that anymore.'” 

It doesn’t take courage to defend the status quo. It takes courage to recognize oppressive behaviors within yourself and change them, to recognize the place and the privilege you hold within society and to work toward curbing the way your everyday, taken-for-granted behaviors infringe on others.

These thirteen minutes will challenge you, but they will also welcome you, if you’re not sure where you stand on the question of feminism and equality. Abraham isn’t a bully, he’s a visionary. I’m grateful that he took the time to speak to Cecile Emeke (who has a whole channel full of these types of videos) and that we all have a chance to hear him.

(Abraham is a musician, you can find his stuff here.)