Confederate Battle Flag Is the New Neo-Nazi Flag

(Trigger warning for white supremacy, racism, neo-Nazis, and other such trash.) Recognize this? You should. It’s the Flag of the Confederate States of America. Like the United States flag, it has a star for each state in the Confederacy. This is one of the first ones ever produced, in 1861 when there were only seven secessionist states. But if you’re like most people, you’re...
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“Centrism” is a cop-out.

The terms “right- and left-wing” descend from the French Revolution. They have their origins in the seating arrangements of the National Assembly of France. Those who tended to side with the revolutionaries were seated more to the left side of the room, while those who favored the landed aristocracy and the entrenched interests of the middle class tended to the right. We can imagine...
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